Tuesday, October 7, 2008

and again..

I took a stroll down memory lane (like I don't do that all the time) and I stumbled across my old livejournal. Man was I a witty girl at the age of sixteen. What the heck happened? I feel so generic now. I want my witty-self back. I used to have JM and Jasmine around to bounce witty comments off of. We had THEE funniest/clever conversations. I miss it. I hope that growing up doesn't mean I lose that about myself cause I really took pride in the that characteristic of mine. Eh, I'm sure I'm just not exercising it enough. It's still there--just a little rusty. I'll get back in the habit of my one liners. 

Anyway, I gotta sleep early nowadays. I open tomorrow. =/ I feel so grown up. Bittersweet feeling.

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