Friday, April 3, 2009

I've had..

-I've had too many blogs in my lifetime. livejournal/xanga/blogspot. IT NEEDS TO STOP. It's hard to stroll down memory lane when there are MULTIPLE memory lanes.
-I've been saying goodbye to people TOO much these past two weeks: the Londoners, Jason, Annie, RJ, and soon to be saying bye to Mr. and Mrs. Rasay. People need to stop leaving my life.
-The boyfriend may soon be added to that list as he pursues his dreams of playing in the PBA. And it's not even a slim chance that he's gonna make it. There's a VERY GOOD chance that he will make it and then I'll have to say bye to him. Only temporarily though and WE WILL make it work. We're soulmates. That doesn't change the fact that it will probably be the hardest thing in my life to do. We haven't even been able to talk about it without me starting to cry. =/ It's ok. We'll be fine.

Quote of the day: "I've decided to stick with LOVE. Hate is too great a burden to bear." -MLK JR.

Just bored and felt like posting although I didn't have anything significant to say,
Rachelle Basco

Thursday, March 12, 2009

As I wait for the coffee to calm down...

..I haven't updated in a while. I actually don't even know if I have anything worth updating about. Scratch that--EVERYTHING is worth updating about. My super cool Sociology teacher who reminds me of the professor from Back to the Future has taught me the important lesson that I should never think anything is boring and that I should never EVER use the sentence "I AM BORED." I forgot what exactly he said that made that philosophy stick. I just remember sitting in his class and nodding in TOTAL agreement when he said that it should be IMPOSSIBLE to be bored. OH. I think he talked about how kids in less affluent countries will NEVER EVER use the sentence "I'M BORED." We're spoiled and should never be bored. 

That wasn't even what I wanted to update about, but I got off on a tangent. Sorry.


I'm supposed to be doing my paper for English right now. I had a cup of coffee and had a really good momentum going, but then I made the mistake of having a second cup of coffee so now i'm UBER-alert and all over the place. I need to wait for the coffee to settle so I can refocus on my paper. So in the mean I am. 

I can't narrow my focus long enough to concentrate on one subject so I'm just gonna stick in a quote that I've been mulling over for the past few days now:

"Part of our emergency is that it's so tempting to do this sort of thing now, to retreat to narrow arrogance, pre-formed positions, rigid filters, the 'moral clarity' of the immature. The alternative is dealing with massive, high-entropy amounts of info and ambiguity and conflict and flux; it's continually discovering new ares of personal ignorance and delusion. In sum, to really try to be informed and literate today is to feel stupid nearly all the time and to need help. That's about as clearly as I can put it" - David Foster Wallace

Never accept things at face value. Go out and educate yourself. You may feel stupid at first for realizing how ignorant you once were, but once you get past that feeling you'll feel MUCH better about yourself. I promise. As cliche' as it sounds: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. We live in too corrupt a society to not examine issues (social, religious, or otherwise) for ourselves. 

And on that note...back to my homework.