Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Before I go to sleep,,,

- worrying about money is DUMB, but hard as heck not to do. "Oh Lord let this last 30 bucks last me til next NEXT friday." =/ DOUBTFUL.
- val's birthday is on thursdayyyy. "stephaine caragan" will be hitting the town with her.
- I need to get better with Him. 
- I got so used to seeing Gene everyday that one day without seeing him seems like forever. YUP it's been almost four years and we're still gay like that. 
- HALLOWEEN is on friday and me and the boyfriend have opted to be the infamous DAVID AND VICTORIA BECKHAM. cute right? yea. thanks. HIS idea. I'm excited. 

ps. i miss my best friend.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


"You're a smart cookie beb. The chocolate chip kind cause I like those." 

Our date nights are always nice. My favorite times in the world are just chillin with the boyfriend. 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shooby Doo Wop and Scooby Snacks


I'll update more on the specifics of the trip later. Let's just say I didn't want to come back so soon. 

Random thoughts:
- I'm watching Cool Runnings right now and it's the part where Junior and Yule (i think that's his name) are looking in the mirror and reciting "I SEE PRIDE, I SEE POWER, I SEE A BAD MOTHER WHO WON'T TAKE NO LIP OFF OF NOBODY!" This movie is my favorite. 
- Today is Marc's birthday! The group ate at Red Robin to celebrate and I must say that "the Group" I always speak of tends to change with time and if this group changes too and some people come and go as they please again I want to say that, for the record, I love THIS group that has formed now. The Fratellanza and the Three, "Sorellanza" if we're gonna keep with the Italian theme, makes me happy. I feel a real bond with these people and I love it. 
- The San Fran trip totally took me off of my steady schoolin mode. I am now in vacay mode and can't seem to get out of it. This is evident in the fact that I have school tomorrow at 9:45 and am still awake. Oh and I have a test tomorrow, a rough draft due, and review questions to do none of which I've started or studied for. WHOMP. 
- I love him. 

Kay I'm done for now. It is a MUST that I get back to my homework. 

Oh one last thought: BEST BUY'S SCHEDULING SUCKS RIGHT NOW. =/ anyone know any place that's hiring?

Friday, October 10, 2008

all nighter with the girlies

..and in 30 minutes we are off to the bay area for a pretty AWESOME weekend. The boys are off on their Ensenada cruise and we have decided that we are not just gonna sit at home on our butts waiting for them to come back. Instead we have chosen to go on a trip of our own to the bayyyyy. I'm BEYOND excited for the cold weather, cute clothes, cable cars, and golden gate bridges that are really red. 

Wish us a safe trip. 
TONS of cute pictures to come.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

and again..

I took a stroll down memory lane (like I don't do that all the time) and I stumbled across my old livejournal. Man was I a witty girl at the age of sixteen. What the heck happened? I feel so generic now. I want my witty-self back. I used to have JM and Jasmine around to bounce witty comments off of. We had THEE funniest/clever conversations. I miss it. I hope that growing up doesn't mean I lose that about myself cause I really took pride in the that characteristic of mine. Eh, I'm sure I'm just not exercising it enough. It's still there--just a little rusty. I'll get back in the habit of my one liners. 

Anyway, I gotta sleep early nowadays. I open tomorrow. =/ I feel so grown up. Bittersweet feeling.

Monday, October 6, 2008


I'm finally feeling as if I'm finally making some of it. Earlier this year, the thought of me being able to get through it, to move forward and get on with life seemed too far fetched an idea. For the longest time I felt stuck. It was as if time had just stopped for me and I was being drowned by everything that happened. I, honestly, doubted that I'd ever be able to feel like myself again. But talking to Val last night and hearing it coming out of someone else's mouth, that we are still here and still strong, made me realize that it's happened. I survived. We survived.
"If we can survive this, we can survive anything." -G
All I can say is PRAYER WORKS. It's the only way I've managed to keep my optimism about life, to trust people again, to build friendships again, etc. God literally made me whole again and I'm forever grateful for it. 
"I like where we are right now." -R

Thursday, October 2, 2008

This is cute.

..funny how true it is too.

If you couldn't already tell, this is my way of saying I miss them. But it's ok cause we grow up, but never grow apart.

returning again.

I've decided to make a blog again, not because I want everyone to read my life, but because I'm too lazy to write in a notebook and I really do have a thing for getting my thoughts out of my head. I probably won't even keep up with this..but oh well. 

This is my intro entry. =)